Saturday, May 31, 2014

10 Months… What?

Look at ME??? Yes, I am writing my 10 month post a day after Oli's "10 month birthday!"  It's been one of my all time favorite months with our little guy! He is SOOO busy these days and I can hardly keep up with him and all my other Mommy and Wifey duties around the house! When people warned me about little boys and always getting into everything.. I sorta blew them off, not gonna lie! I had NO idea that it starts this young.. It's either that or I have the ULTIMATE Curious George on my hands.. Which if you know me… It's probably a mini-me Curious George I've got.. Payback right? Oliver hears one little sound and he turns so quickly to find out what's going on.. I have to hold him tight when I'm carrying him, because he tends to try and jump out of my arms if there is something interesting going on.. Not really, but kinda… He wants IN on the action!

He gets super bored at home (I don't blame him… you can only play and play again with the same ol' toys..) so Momma and Oli take lots of trips out and about, jogs, walks, swim class, music class and outings to the gym! The boy wants to be busy discovering all that this world has to offer and I LOVE IT! Plus, I start getting nutty when I'm home all day too! At one point in our lives it was easier to just stay home.. Now, it's the opposite! I stock the diaper bag full of snacks, bottles, diapers and toys and we're outta' the house gettin' things done! One day, I'm sure I'll miss my errand buddy when he goes to school. This has been a very good thing for me to learn to deal with.. My A type personality tends to want to get everything on a list and checked off that list.. Well… I am well into discovering that with littles, sometimes things have to wait, you have to call and reschedule appointments, and you do your best to get out of the house looking half decent… Flexibility is key and SO is PATIENCE! :) Mommyhood ain't easy, but it's worth every single moment!

Here's what is new with Mr. Oliver (Not my Dad, our kid..)

* He loves eating real food WAY better than baby food.. Can't blame him, have you tried eating that stuff? He loves any sort of fruit, yogurt smoothies, carrots, little pieces of chicken and cheese, and the boy can NOT get enough of "treat puffs" or yogurt drops… He loves them! I think he feels so BIG when he eats things on his own with his little fingers! He loves his sippy cup with cold water and a little bit of juice..

* He loves being in the water! Not the smily/splashy type of love, but the calm and serious love.. He went all the way under water and didn't seem bothered at all.. Don't worry, it was a quick little under, not some sort of traumatic experience! It's so nice to cool off in the pool, especially when it's baking at 105 outside already! Oh…. and I also learned the lesson of… NEVER, ever, EVER, and i mean EVER put a baby or non-potty trained kid in their swim diaper until you get to the pool… :) THEY WILL POOP IN IT.. even if it's been 5 seconds that they had it on and even if they already went that morning!!!!

* This is a weird one, but he loves and I mean LOVES sucking on straps… Carseat straps, stroller straps, high chair straps, drawstrings to my shorts or shirts… any shape or form of a strap will be in his mouth! Crazy kid! Oh.. and he likes picking at and eating carpet pieces if he gets them up… Yup.. already into trouble!

* He LOVES bubbles! We got the world's greatest invention of a bubble machine.. Parents… if you haven't gotten it or heard of it, it's the Hurricane Bubble Blower and Gazillion bubbles to go with it… It takes bubbles to a whole new level and you won't regret buying it…!!!! No comparison to the 2 bubbles I blow per minute!

Get it on Amazon! $15.00!!!! SO WORTH IT!
You want to also buy the big bubble solution separately!
* He constantly tries to pull himself up onto furniture and his chair.. He hates lying down I think.. He wants to be moving.. He's gotten to be a pretty fast crawler, and I wouldn't be surprised if he starts running marathons like tomorrow.. He is determined! No, I'm not bragging because honestly… I don't want him to start getting fast.. That means more trouble! 

* We finally got smart and realized that our little chicken was waking up when the sun started coming up! People… the sun comes up here at like 4:45 or 5:00… Not happening! Another reason why Arizona doesn't do daylight savings! Thank God, because then we would have been up at 3:45am!!!! This is not fun for parents…And I've heard it's a fairly common problem around here! Many Moms are exhausted because of their early risers getting up with the sun!  So, we have now blacked out his windows… Such a life changer!  

Now for the cuteness….

these two. just. melt my heart. 

My Oli Baby

lookin' good boys!

Heading to the Bubeck's for Memorial Day fun in the pool

he's turning into a kid.. where did my baby go? 

give him his chair and a lid.. endless entertainment!

umm??? See what I mean.?


look at me Mom!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

9 Months Old.. Holy Smokes.

Seriously. I think he was just 9 DAYS old, not 9 months… wow! Well, here is what was going on in OllieLand at 9 months!

* His 9 month appointment went well and this is what we left with: You got your Hep B and Polio vaccine, you weighed 20.3 lbs, are 28 inches tall and have a "healthy" head circumference!!! heheh. Hats are becoming way too small, very quickly! Dr. Sotelo said you could now eat any baby foods and once we feel comfortable you can start finger foods!

* The Developmental nurse that we had since our NICU days came for a check up and was extremely proud of Oliver's progress since the last time she saw him! The only two suggestions she wanted us to work on was for him to practice holding 2 objects at once and getting his knees under him so he could crawl on his knees..

* We officially baby-proofed the house and gated his playroom off! We dropped his crib mattress and geared up for a crawler-kid kinda house!

* One of Oliver's favorite things is to grocery shop with Momma on Meal Planning Monday's! SoOO many fun things to look at! He just kicks his little chubby legs and chews on his stroller strap..

* He eats and likes carrots, pears, apricots, bananas, sweet potatoes, apple, squash, pumpkin, cranberries, yogurt smoothie, yogurt melts (Dots), puffs (We call them treat puffs), small pieces of cheese and chicken.

* He started cutting his top tooth! And it's a BIG one.. i blame the steroid shots.. Plus he has 2 other teeth coming in up top!

* He got his first real fever and was not feeling well for about 3 days.. Not FUN! Especially because it happened over Mother's Day weekend! Nothing like putting your Momma skills and love into full swing with a sick baby, right?

* You started doing Kindermusik classes with Miss Brenlie!!! You LOVE her and so do I! She is a baby whisperer, I swear!

* You also started a swim class at AquaSafe with Momma once a week to slowly start teaching you water safety! Arizona is home to a lot of pools, so this was a top priority! Plus, it's perfect for when it gets really hot! You even went completely under the water and didn't cry! You love it!

* Papo and Gam Gam came to babysit for a weekend so we could go to the Tim McGraw and Kip Moore concert!

* You love playing in your Baby Splash pool in the backyard, pushing your walker, sitting in your big boy chair, playing the "I drop over and over and you pick it up over and over game," playing with anything shiny, banging toys like drums, riding on your tiger and in the laundry basket, looking at books, dunking your basketballs in your pretend hoop, jogging with Momma, chewing on any sort of strap, bubbles, silly faces and you won't let Mommy or Daddy out of your sight! You are such a joy at this age!

all american boy

cutting 3 teeth means shoving as many fingers in there as possible!


here mom, here's my spider!

what am i gonna do with him? 

He loves his buddy, Nicholas!

Boy Mommas

baby gates work for daddys too!

poor guy.. this is when he didn't feel good.
we made him wear washcloths on his head

splish. splash

loving the neon fish at the Butterfly Pavillion

he thinks he will get outta being buckled into
 his carseat if he just stands up! brother.

swim time

Concert Time

Dang.. lookin' good Tim! 

Our "Momma/Dada Out" faces

oh, Papo! Buddy.. you have some silly Grandpas!

he cracks himself up. 

my jogging buddy!

Happy Birthday Dada and Papa Bear!

How cool is it that my Dad and husband share the same birthday? I LOVE IT! It was surely a "sign" when I first found out that Jesse had the same special day as my Dad, and inevitably, it sealed the deal! The Lord must have known that April 25th was a special day!  Anyways, Papa and Nana came down from Seattle to celebrate and see their Buddy Boy! We grilled some yummy filet's, gobbled up some delicious bundt cake and Momma and Daddy even escaped to Dominick's for a date night with one of our favorite couples! We love having family in town because that means we have automatic babysitters! Well, we love them for other reasons too, but that's a good one! We took the Grandparents to the Desert Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly glass sculptures and Nana and Mommy were in Heaven! We loved all the gardens, but the boys.. well.. They could have cared less really! So while the girls casually strolled, looked at every plant and cactus, and snapped pictures the boys got to be in charge of Oliver and entertaining him! I love Dads! They kinda get stuck with this job a lot..

We had a great weekend and Oliver loved getting to see his silly Papa and Nana! And I ALWAYS love getting to love on my Mom and Dad too! I miss them too much!

he thought he was so cool sitting on his chair with his "chicks dig me" bib
while sitting on the couch. 

look at me Mom!

hunting for his Easter Basket

You found it! It was in your pack n' play!

lovin's with his Nana

big boy with his Nana and Papa

no beer for you Oliver. NO

too sweet. i can't even. 

Oliver, you have one silly Papa..

Blowing "raspberries" all day long. 

you know… just my Nana and me! 

Drooly Kisses

The Birthday Boys!

See what I used to live with! 

See what I live with now? 

Yeah, they are both nuts. 

Um.. Jesse..?? Awkward Party of 1...

So old.. 

Oliver loved and I mean LOVED watching Papa play his
tunes on the guitar! He is becoming quite the pro since taking lessons you know.
There is even talk about joining a band! :)
We'll be your groupies, Papa!

undivided attention.. Papa, you're hired! 


desert beauty

if you didn't already know.. I love my Mama! 

Papa… smile! Pretend you are LOVING this trip to the Gardens!

The Babysitters.. This particular method of entertaining Oliver
was letting his feet be tickled by the plants.. over and over again..
He loved it, so whatever works!

my boy

i just wanna squish those cheeks

i spy… 

so cool!

Ollie the butterfly! He knows how to be silly!

Just an FYI… Papa is kinda obsessed with his Grandson..
Seriously.. It's like he finally got his boy or something!

Betty Crocker and her rhubarb pie!
The most beautiful homemade pie EVER!